Shared Values

Our values decide our character.  Our character decides our value.

Character describes the beliefs, principles, values, code, conduct and culture of an organisation.  The “way we do things around here” – the written and unwritten rules.

Values provide the bedrock of belief.  Any lasting organisation has enshrined at their heart a fundamental set of principles – a values based, purpose-driven culture is the foundation of the VS Barbarians rugby approach and bring sustainable success.  The challenge is always to bring these values to life, and into the lives of the rugby community.

We can do this by managing our culture – it is the identity of the VS Barbarians that matters – not so much what we do, but what we stand for, and why we exist.

Dual Leadership

Lead by creating leaders

Leaders create leaders by passing on responsibility, accountability and trust.  Shared responsibility means shared ownership.  A sense of inclusion means individuals are more willing to participate.  We transfer leadership from management to senior players, who after all play the game and must do the leading on the field.  We form leadership groups with a distinct portfolio of responsibilities from on-field leadership to social organisation, junior player recruitment and mentorship, community engagement, event management and legacy.

Management retain responsibility for training and overall development, setting the goals, assisting with resources and providing a time-frame for the areas they have passed on to the senior players, acting as a resource for these player leadership groups.

 Embedded Learning system

You can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe – without a structured learning system, you cannot create sustainable success.

Excellence is a process of evolution, of cumulative learning and of incremental improvement.  We create an environment that delivers opportunity for personal and club growth and development – both on and off the field – by believing in self-analysis, striving for constant improvement, with a supporting rolling 3 year goals and development plans – the rugby stairway that helps propel talent through and provides enjoyment of the game for all.

Playing with a purpose

We create an environment that stimulates players and social members and inspires them to take part in it.

By developing the individual players and giving them the tools, skills and character that they need to contribute beyond the rugby field, they will also develop the tools, skills and character to contribute more effectively on it.  We create our own culture, and a program that is vision driven and values based.  We identify what it is that gives the players and our members purpose and meaning.  The greater their values and beliefs are aligned with the values and beliefs of the club, the more they will contribute to it, its members and the development of rugby in Victoria.